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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  1. How are contest pools funded?
    To enter the game participants must upvote on Steemit a specificied Daily Game Post. An "upvote" provides us with the Steem Power in order to partially fund the prize pool.  The date of each play within a streak must correspond to an upvote on the Daily Game Post in order for the streak to qualify for a payout.  Entrants may play only 1 streak concurrently. The amount of Steem Power of the player at the time of the upvote on the first play is used to determine their starting tier (there are 20 in total).   The higher the tier where the streak is started the lower the minimum threshold is where prizes are paid out and the higher the rewards payout.
  2. What is Steem and Steemit?
    Steem is the currency used on the network Steemit.  It is a crypto currency that can be exchanged for other cryptotokens like Bitcoin.  To learn more check out this article or this video
  3. Do I have to make a cash deposit to play?
    Absolutely not! You need to simply upvote and comment on the specified Daily Game Post on Steemit each time you make a pick for the streak to qualify for a payout.
  4. Can I play without setting up a Steemit account?
    Yes however there will be no prize payouts.
  5. Are there limits to streaks I can play?
    Yes, simultaneously you can play only 1 streak before you start another.  You also must make one pick and have that pick graded before you can make the next pick in the streak.
  6. How do I find the designated Daily Game Post to update?
    There is a link in both your control panel and the picks page where for your convenience.
  7. What withdrawal methods are available?
    Once you qualify for a payout there is a button on the user Dashboard called "End Streak and Cashout".  By requesting a cashout, we will transfer earnings to your Steemit username.  If you have questions you can contact us there or using the Steemit messenger platform.  Please allow us  up to 72 hours for us to make a payout.
  8. How do I convert Steem to other currencies?
    This is beyond the scope of our expertise but here is a good article that explains this process better.  You can also search on Youtube and Google for more tutorials. 
  9. How do I know how many Steem I can redeem from a qualifying streak?
    Just check out the Payout Chart for the exact payout numbers.
  10. When are the daily lines usually posted?
    We usually post lines daily around 11:00 AM EST, this includes football lines. Advanced lines for football are not offered.
  11. What happens if a game is postponed or canceled?
    If a game is postponed or canceled for any reason, it will be automatically deemed as "No Pick" and result in a push allowing you to make another pick.
  12. What happens if there is an error in the lines or event start time?
    Any errors made on a sporting event, start time, or lines will be automatically deemed as "No Pick" and result in a push allowing you to make another pick.
  13. Can I earn anything by referring my friends?
    Yes, just follow the "Refer a Friend - Earn StreakPoints!" option when you are logged in your account. You can use this feature to email your friends about PickStreak.com or obtain your own custom referral URL link. You earn a 1 tier increase for each friend that registers through your referral (if you meet the payout eligibility and requirements).
  14. Can I track how much I have earned from referrals?
    Yes, just follow the "View Your Referral Earnings" option when you are logged in your account. You can see exactly who registered an account from your referral and when as well as track your StreakPoints earnings.
  15. Can I have more than one account?
    Sorry but no. Only one account per person is allowed per Steem user. We strictly enforce this policy. Any members found with multiple accounts would have each of their accounts terminated and all StreakPoints will be forfeited.
  16. Can I access my account from my iPhone, iPad, or Smartphone?
    Absolutely, just open your smartphone or tablet web browser and navigate to our website. Our website is designed to work with all major smartphone and tablet web browsers without any issues at all so you can access your account on the go.
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