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Sports Fantasy Action Game Exclusive for Steemit Members
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What is PickStreak.com?

PickStreak.com is a Fantasy Sports Streak Picking game exclusively for Steemit social network users.

The objective of the game is to accumulate winning streaks (minimum of 4) by selecting winning picks from an ongoing variety of daily sporting events to win Steem! 

There are no entry fees other than an upvote of our Daily Game Post on Steemit each time you make a pick.  The more Steem Power you have when you start the Streak the higher your Tier Level and the more you can win!

We designed PickStreak to provide a unique fun game to the sports fantasy and gaming community without any requirement for entry fees other than an upvote and comment of our post.  PickStreak was created by EzCapper.com a sports handicapping software company.

Please check out our Getting Started to start with this exciting game.

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